Old Machines

The debut LP by the '29ers

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“Scars and Tattoos”


There’s too much polish on that pair of boots

What you trying to do to make ‘em look like new

How are you supposed to know what they’ve been through

If they shine, they shine like brand new


I heard it said scars are like tattoos with better stories
So far that's true

Well, I’ve got a few of both I’d like to share with you

Looks like you’ve got yourself some, too



What do you say we stay a little while a little longer

I'll share with you part of my soul and how I grew stronger

If nothing else, you can laugh at this old fool


These rusted habits may be hard to take

But they be old hat by now

At this point, girl, I’m not gonna be shakin’ ‘em

Not sure I would if I knew how


And if these lines start to bother you

I guess you ain't looking close at what you see

They each spent time with love and loss

Squeeze a little bit of wisdom in between


(Repeat Chorus)



I’ve earned each and every line

Living each one at a time

Sometimes it’s like fine wine

But it wasn't always a silver lining

And I never did much care for things that shine


(Repeat Chorus)